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Year of the Dog still

Year of the Dog – View the Chinese culture through a different lens and dive into the tradtions and cultures practiced during the lunar new year.

Between Rocky still

Between Rocky and a Hard Place: Students Struggle Financially to Attend Montclair State* – Take a closer look at the financial struggles that college students face on a day-to-day basis.
*Award-winning package in the New Jersey Collegiate Press Association 2017-18 contest (
First place for Web Project for Four-Year Colleges*

Who’s Running?: New Jersey Gubernatorial Election Night 2017 – How much do college students know about politics, and how well do they know their state’s political figures? It may (or may not) surprise you…

Candlelight Gathering still

Montclair State Candlelight Vigil – Students gather in the Montclair State Student Center Quad to show their support for the victims of the recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico and Florida and the earthquake in Mexico.

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