“house\warzone” on Silent Mayhem

The following poem was published on the Silent Mayhem website on May 15, 2021. house\warzone crawling on all fours, hoping no one seei get behind closed doors, sitting on my kneesthe house is in two floors, a hive of angry beesi hear the continuous hollers, roars, no treaties, cries, or pleas we’ve been at thisContinue reading ““house\warzone” on Silent Mayhem”

“Crisp and Crazy” on YAWP Journal

The following poem was published on the YAWP Journal website on February 2, 2021. Crisp and Crazy After months of chaos,weeks of torture,days as long as years,years as short as minutes,it has come.The season of sanity,the air cool as a cucumber,not the dragon’s breathwe melted in all day long.I can feel the change coming,the calmContinue reading ““Crisp and Crazy” on YAWP Journal”