I am the wearer of many hats: journalist, published writer and poet, photographer, freelancer… The list goes on.

Below are a list of present and past experiences and positions:


Online Content Editor

I am a full-time online content editor for podcasts at Healio News, part of the parent company, The Wyanoke Group.
As an editor, I schedule guests and recordings, edit episodes, write show rundowns, and post episodes online. I am also responsible for social media posting and sending e-newsletters for newly-published podcast episodes.


Editorial Assistant

I was a full-time editorial assistant for Healio News at The Wyanoke Group.
As a medical journalist, I write summaries of medical journal articles and meeting presentations.


I am a freelance writer, editor, and content manager for small online businesses like ink. by kara m. zone.
As a freelancer, I create content that brings awareness to new ideas and diverse perspectives.

Associate Editor

I was an associate editor and fiction editor for Glassworks Magazine.
As an associate editor, I read through submissions, participated in packet meetings for issues, and contacted contributors.


Executive Producer

I was an executive producer for Montclair News Lab, as well as their special 2016 Gubernatorial Election Night coverage.
As an executive producer, I collaborated with writers and producers to create the show rundowns, scripts, and coordinated story ideas.

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