The Aesthete Blogger Award

Thank you Cosmic Taryn for nominating me for the Aesthete Blogger Award. I am humbled by your nomination. Taryn is a blogger who writes book reviews as well as publishes her own material. It is a pleasure to interact with and follow Taryn. If you haven’t already, check out her blog and Twitter page (linkedContinue reading “The Aesthete Blogger Award”

The Writing Process

(for Beginners) Every writers’ process is different. Some writers like to listen to music while others prefer silence. Some writers are planners while others are plotters (actually working on a plot rather than just jotting notes) or pantsers (also known as “writing by the seat of your pants.”) And some writers have a special placeContinue reading “The Writing Process”

An MA in Writing? Why?

I have to say, I didn’t expect to see myself in graduate school pursuing my master’s in writing. After graduating with my undergraduate degree, I thought I would move to the north Jersey/New York area and find work as a journalist–writing articles for the New York Times maybe or producing a news broadcast with theContinue reading “An MA in Writing? Why?”

I Am An American: #StopAAPIHate

Note: Due to the on-going investigation,I will continue to update this blog as new developments are reported. When I saw what happened in Atlanta on the news, I had this déjà vu-mix of emotions, the same feelings I experienced when I saw the video of a police officer killing George Floyd; when I read aboutContinue reading “I Am An American: #StopAAPIHate”