Martial Arts: A way of life

The martial arts are more than just a sport or a way to stay physically active. They are more than a gi and a belt rank. They are more than a dojo or a gym. They are more than a style or a title. Martial arts is about becoming one with yourself, with nature, withContinue reading “Martial Arts: A way of life”

My Journey in the Arts

I recently had a pinned tweet asking my followers if they had any questions about martial arts and self-defense training. I got quite a few responses from several followers, and I hope to answer as many as possible on my Martial Arts Practitioner blog page. A number of followers asked me what martial arts styleContinue reading “My Journey in the Arts”

The Aesthete Blogger Award

Thank you Cosmic Taryn for nominating me for the Aesthete Blogger Award. I am humbled by your nomination. Taryn is a blogger who writes book reviews as well as publishes her own material. It is a pleasure to interact with and follow Taryn. If you haven’t already, check out her blog and Twitter page (linkedContinue reading “The Aesthete Blogger Award”

The Writing Process

(for Beginners) Every writers’ process is different. Some writers like to listen to music while others prefer silence. Some writers are planners while others are plotters (actually working on a plot rather than just jotting notes) or pantsers (also known as “writing by the seat of your pants.”) And some writers have a special placeContinue reading “The Writing Process”