Associate Editor

Glassworks Issue 23

Check out Glassworks Issue 23! A collection of forbidden fruit, addiction and vice, and seeking home.

Glassworks Issue 22

When I came across the opportunity to become an intern for Glassworks Magazine, I did not hesitate to apply. With an interest in pursuing a job in the publishing and editing field, I knew this experience would give me the insight and boost that I needed to at least get my foot in the door. After I was accepted, I took the role of an associate editor.

Throughout the internship, I have collaborated with a fellow intern and the editorial team to complete projects, as well as worked independently to complete the day-to-day tasks, such as creating social media posts and promotions, updating and improving style guides, managing the magazine’s website and its content, and writing monthly newsletters. From reading submissions to galley meetings, I have acquired insight of what it takes to be an editor and what it takes to develop a well-designed literary magazine.

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