Hi, I’m Georgia!

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Welcome to my portfolio and blog!

I am passionate about constructing texts that challenge my audience to think and evaluate a subject with new perspectives, as well as help them expand their views and knowledge. Through my journalistic and creative writing lenses, I enjoy creating content that educates and entertains my readers and viewers.

“Education is not preparation for life;
education is life itself.”

John Dewey

When consuming media, I look for texts that make me think and help me understand different points of view. From listening to NPR News to reading the Wall Street Journal, I am constantly reading, listening, and watching materials that challenge me to discover more about the world.

I am always in the mood to learn something new and seek to expand my knowledge and develop my abilities as a content producer. I enjoy texts that sharpen my skills and introduce fresh materials to broaden my horizon.


Rowan University
(2019 – )
I am a graduate student pursuing an MA in Writing. My preferred genre (for reading and writing) is fiction. I like to explore nonfiction and poetry, too!
I am a full-time editorial assistant for Healio News at The Wyanoke Group. I am also a freelance writer, editor, and content manager for ink. writing by kara zone. You can read my blogs on the ink. website linked above.
I am simultaneously writing two works in progress (WIP). My master’s project is an autobiographical novel based on my experiences as a Korean adoptee in America. And my second WIP is a superhero origin story.

Montclair State University
(2016 – 2018)
I graduated with honors with a BA in Journalism and a minor in Chinese studies. I had the opportunity to work with the amazing professors and clinical specialists in the School of Communication and Media in developing the news broadcast, Montclair News Lab.
I became an executive producer of the weekly show and gained the valuable knowledge and skills that further improved my work ethic, team management, and leadership skills. I was also a staff writer and photographer for the Montclarion.

Cumberland County College
(2014 – 2016)
I graduated with honors with an AA in Liberal Arts/Journalism. I was an editor for the anthology, L’Esprit and a staff writer and photographer for the Voice.

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