Aba & Preach: From Hot Topics to Serious Talks—YouTube Channel Review

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Preach (left) and Aba (right) via Google Images

During the pandemic, I was stuck in the house with little to do, and I was desperate to find new ways to keep myself occupied, entertained, and informed. One day, a friend of mine introduced me to a few podcasts and a YouTube channel: Aba & Preach.

Since 2012, Aba & Preach have produced a variety of quality, comical content that maintains a balance between witty jokes and wisdom. With over 304 million subscribers, Aba & Preach’s channel grabs the attention of viewers from around the world.

Aba & Preach provide videos that encourage deep conversation and debate, reviewing other YouTube channels and their content to react to subjects like political and social topics, pop culture, and reality TV dramas.

When I first viewed the channel, I appreciated their approach to the topics. Depending on the discussion, Aba & Preach’s demeanor at the start of the conversation would usually set the tone for the rest of the video.

The videos usually start with Aba introducing the subject they will be discussing. If they are reviewing a YouTube video, they play a part of the clip to show their audience what and why they are discussing the content.

Jubilee logo via Google Images

Some of my favorite videos by Aba & Preach are the reactions to a media group on YouTube called Jubilee; their recent video is reacting to a Jubilee ranking video. While making the content laughable, Aba & Preach sometimes provide viewers with these “nuggets of wisdom,” speaking the truth and sharing opinions that make the video feel entertaining and enlightening.

Their discussions also tend to relate some topics to themselves and their lives, creating a personal connection with the audience and the content they are discussing. Another one of their videos discussed a viral social media video of a hotel employee’s mental breakdown.

In their reaction, they empathized with the employee, criticized the poster who shot the video, and related the situation to themselves, exchanging facts about mental health and personal stories. They also shed light on how dangerous these posts can be to the people who experience mental breakdowns or struggle with mental health issues and the stigma around mental health.

With all of the bad news, constant tragedies, and the pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe, finding media that gives you a good laugh and/or takes your mind off of what’s going on for a bit is so helpful these days. If you are looking for a YouTube channel that is funny, witty, and entertaining, I would definitely recommend watching Aba & Preach.

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