On Being a Writer

For years, there has always been this lingering question in my mind: when do I become a real writer? I know, sounds crazy, right? But it’s true. I have constantly asked myself–is it when I have published something? Is it when I have sold a book? Is it when I have become famous and everyone knows my name and my work?

Calling myself ‘a writer’ has almost always made me feel like an imposter. I used to consider myself I’m not a ‘real’ writer because I didn’t publish a book or put my work out there yet; because a real writer has already made themselves known and put their work out there.

But one day, I came across this Twitter post that said something like, “If you write and enjoy writing, you are a writer. Simple as that.” This was mind-blowing to me. I write and love to write; therefore, I am a writer!

This idea that I had to be published and/or known to be a legitimate writer feels like nonsense now. If you write and you love it, you are a writer!

My Writer’s Journey

I have always had a passion for writing. Telling stories, crafting poetry, and creating new worlds is what I love most! When I was in middle school, I attempted to write a book. It was supposed to be a story about three girls who traveled across the US and became a famous singing group. But later, I realized I was ripping off a movie. (Oops!)

When I was in high school, I started writing poetry and joined the slam poetry club. I hadn’t explored the poetry genre before but decided to give it a shot. Many of my “beginner” poems were very emotional and almost always dark.
(I can’t say much has changed because the pandemic has made life pretty lonely.)

In college, I explored new avenues of writing and decided to major in journalism. Learning this new form of storytelling was invigorating for the writer in me. I loved conducting interviews, learning new techniques like photography and video editing, and creating stories through visual media.

As a graduate student, pursuing for my Master’s in Writing, I have delved deeper into my craft. I have also discovered a newfound motivation to read more books to help my creativity and a drive to write more short stories and poetry to hone my technique and find my audience.

I am still learning about writing and what it takes to be a writer. The writing community on Twitter has been helpful and inspiring; showing their support and sharing their writing and experiences is such a gift. I am so grateful for all the members of the writing community.

Just remember: if you write and you love writing, you are a writer! Don’t forget it!

Happy Writing Wednesday, folks! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Published by Georgia Iris Salvaryn

Writing Arts graduate student

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