Photoset on Flora Fiction

The following photos were published on the Flora Fiction website on January 18, 2021.

Firm Foundation
SHANGHAI, China: A unique display of rock formations in a garden.
by Georgia Iris Szawaryn
Lotus Flower
BEIJING, China: A lotus flower in the pond at the Summer Palace.
by Georgia Iris Szawaryn
Night in Shanghai
SHANGHAI, China: The Shanghai skyline view from the Huangpo River.
by Georgia Iris Szawaryn
The Great Wall
BEIJING, China: A view of a tower on the Great Wall.
by Georgia Iris Szawaryn
Through Bamboo
XI’AN, China: Summer camp attendee, Angelica Cope, walks along a path lined with bamboo.
by Georgia Iris Szawaryn

About these photos

In July 2017, I had the opportunity to study abroad in China and spent three weeks attending a summer camp at the Beijing International Chinese College (BICC). I was in Beijing for two weeks, studying the language and history in the classroom and exploring and experiencing the culture in the city. For the third week, I spent time in Xi’an and Shanghai. These photos are just a glimpse of the beauty I witnessed in China.

Click here to read more about my experience in China.

Published by Georgia Iris Salvaryn

Writing Arts graduate student

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