Mass Shootings in America

Published by The Voice by Georgia I. Salvaryn *Award-winning article in the New Jersey Collegiate Press Association 2015-16 contest ( — tied Second place for Enterprise/Investigative Reporting for Two-Year Colleges* Gun violence and mass shootings have been increasingly common in the United States. From Columbine High School to Umpqua Community College, mass shootings have threatened the safetyContinue reading “Mass Shootings in America”

Rowan College at Cumberland County?

Published by The Voice ( by Georgia I. Salvaryn For the past several months, Cumberland County College has been meeting with regional four-year universities for a possible partnership. Our number one candidate up for consideration is Rowan University. While conducting research for this article, I found that information and files about this process were provided forContinue reading “Rowan College at Cumberland County?”

Cumberland County College’s Dynamic Duo

Published by The Voice ( by Georgia I. Salvaryn For the past 50 years, John Gibbs and John Adair have worked as associate professors in English here at Cumberland County College. Throughout the years, both professors have had the opportunity to watch the campus and students grow. I had the pleasure of interviewing Gibbs and AdairContinue reading “Cumberland County College’s Dynamic Duo”

Your voice, your vote counts in 2016

Published by The Voice ( by Georgia I. Salvaryn The 2016 Presidential Election is nearly upon us, and that means, it’s crunch time for the candidates to grab as many voters as they can. But, the question is, are you registered to vote? “Voting is the cornerstone of a democracy but sadly far too few peopleContinue reading “Your voice, your vote counts in 2016”

Pastor Steigler of Redeemer Lutheran Church Retires

Published by The Grapevine ( – Page 3 by Georgia I. Salvaryn The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer will undergo new governance this July. Pastor Gary N. Stiegler, 71, will be retiring from his 16-year career as a pastor on June 30. Pastor Gary served eight of those years at the Lutheran Church of the RedeemerContinue reading “Pastor Steigler of Redeemer Lutheran Church Retires”

Having a fling in the spring

Published by The Voice ( by Steven Turner & Georgia I. Salvaryn It’s the last semester until summer, and it’s a beautiful time to be alive! The birds are chirping and the weather is warming up. That also means the annual Cumberland County College Spring Fling is upon us! Every spring semester, CCC hosts a campus-wideContinue reading “Having a fling in the spring”